Christmas Games Bundle


Christmas Games Bundle

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A set of 4 Christmas Zoom Game slideshows plus 4 additional one-page Christmas game reference sheets. Check out the 10 Christmas Zoom Games video on YouTube using this link.

4 Slideshow Games…
Carol King – 20+ slides for identifying Christmas Carol titles by song lyrics
Christmas Mashed Consonants – 40+ slides for identifying Christmas words missing vowels
Christmas Pictograms – 20+ slides for identifying Christmas words using icons
Underneath the Tree – 20+ slides visual memory game identifying missing toys

No-El – Alphabetical list of Christmas words with no “L” verses a list of words with “L.”
North Pole – Alphabetical list of countries bordering the Arctic Circle
Reindeer Rundown – Alphabetical list of Santa’s reindeer
Ugly Sweater Contest – Slide to use for drawing on whiteboard or to print out for coloring

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To purchase the Christmas Games Bundle outside the USA, use this link:

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