Program Testimonials

    • I liked the workbooks a lot. The terminology used really helped us to know when to go this way or that way when making letters. I wanted to bring it to my daughter’s preschool and tell them that they should use it! Because I’m not a teacher, the action words helped our daughter to understand the letters better. It helped so much that they were simple.

      Melody, Mother of 5-year-old
    • Love the new learning format it provides. Easy to follow for therapists, caregivers, and MOST of all the children. Less is truly more. Never really liked the amount of products put out there by “Handwriting Without Tears” too much, too overwhelming, too many steps, not enough LINES! Amy is wonderful and a creative and thoughtful artist who has brought sense and function to the dreaded Fine Motor tasks most therapists dread. GET IT NOW!!!

      Yrma, Occupational Therapist
    • This is a well thought out system to help kids learn how to write. Our kids will be able to type and text and email with no problem. I am so happy that this book and the others in the series were created. This will help my kids learn how to write!!!!! And the characters and art are just adorable!!

      Amy, Mother of 6-year-old
    • This handwriting book is what we were missing while my daughter was in pre-school! She was being taught how to write her letters, but when they sent work home to practice, we as parents lacked the vocabulary to describe how to instruct our daughter to write her letters. We had struggled and were very frustrated by the whole process. Now we have been practicing this summer with this wonderful book that has now made it simple for me to help my daughter learn her way through writing her uppercase letters. I highly recommend this book to parents who want to feel a comfortable and simplified way to help your preschooler practice writing. Well done book.

      David, Father of 5-year-old
    • I gravitated toward the approach of using “action words” instead of telling my students to trace the lines to form letters. I would say, ‘Tell your pencil what to do.’ They would say, ‘Zoom across, zip down!’ as they were forming the letters. They loved having their own book and the name Treasure C.H.E.S.T.; it made them feel special and want to do their very best. A lot of programs do not make writing fun, but my students took to this approach and remembered it because it was more FUN! In all my years of teaching young children to write letters, it was not frustrating for them; they felt successful. They enjoyed writing the letters even to the point where they were choosing the Writing Center over Dramatic Play to write on their own. The success was that the children didn’t feel like writing was a chore or that they were inferior or couldn’t do it. I highly recommend this program. I give it 10 stars, and so would my students!

      Pre-K Teacher, Miami, FL
    • Starting at the age of 3, my son, Jake, worked with Amy. He is now 8 and in the 2nd grade. His teachers always comment on how well his handwriting skills are. I tell them without the help of Amy and her handwriting workbooks he would not have the skills that he has today. Sometimes I feel that he could do better, but after looking at his classmates work, I would have to agree with his teachers. He is now wanting to write in cursive!

      Elaine Asbury, Mother of 8-year-old
    • I love the uppercase writing book for students called Treasure CHEST!!!!! I have been teaching in elementary schools in South Florida for the last 10 years; however, I have been in the field of education for the past 20 years nationally at the middle school, high school, and college level. This is one of the best handwriting programs I have come across. I’m glad I met the AWESOME therapist who created this fun, engaging, educational, and child-centered program.

      Melissa Mouton, Teacher
    • Since he’s been using the Playapy Treasure Chest workbook to practice, I’ve notice several improvements in my 5 year old’s writing. The most noticeable change is that he’s able to write the letter S properly. Prior to “the pirate book”, as he likes to call it, he would draw the letter S backwards. After practicing a few times, with the terminology and a little guidance, it was almost like a lightbulb came on. Since then, he has gotten it right 100% of the time. Now, he has more confidence when he writes his name since it has an S in it. Thanks Playapy!

      Danielle McNair, mother of 5-year-old
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