Is the most stressful part of your day helping the child in your life with homework, getting them dressed for school, or simply following directions? Do you believe no one can take care of them better than you but feel frustrated that you don’t have the answers to how to improve their attitude or behavior?

Playapy can help you


Parents and professionals  have direct access to online education, pediatric occupational therapy, and parent training. Backed by the experience of working with hundreds of children, Playapy effectively communicates playful solutions that lead to powerful results.

Why Choose Playapy?

  • Increase independence in children that need extra help
  • Improve school performance and conduct
  • Increase a child’s strength, confidence, and creativity
  • Help children have fun while learning faster and more efficiently
  • Decrease emotional stress from behavioral concerns
  • Decrease delays caused by demanding school curriculum
  • Decrease time in traffic driving to service providers
  • Prevent escalation of developmental delays

Adult Education

Playapy offers adult education online and in person through classes, webinars and courses. Join the email list to receive up-to-date notifications.

OT for Kids

Playapy offers in-home and private school pediatric occupational therapy services in North Miami-Dade County as well as online in FL, GA, NC, & NJ.

Parent Training

Parent training is available in homes and through video conferencing for parents needing one-on-one help for handwriting, development skills & more.