Playapy’s purpose is to give stressed out and concerned parents the help they need. Many parents have a vision of the family life they want but struggle when things are not working out as planned. Many parents believe they need to work harder to solve the problem. Playapy shows them the answer is to play more instead.

Playapy’s mission is to serve those who shape the lives of children and have a desire to return to organic and purposeful living. With the increase use of technology and applied pressure towards academics at younger ages, there is a need now more than ever to return to the foundation of play in childhood. Many children are also experiencing a decline in play opportunities both in school and home resulting in decreased foundational skills and increased behavioral issues. The name Playapy is the union of the words play and therapy. It is a resource and support system created to bridge gaps in communication between parents and professionals. Playapy helps to foster the understanding of child development through play particularly for individuals involved in the lives of children who need additional support.

Pediatric occupational therapist, Amy Baez, created Playapy to open the doors of communication with parents by sharing the ideas and resources available to therapists and also creating products that make play and learning fun, simple, and smart. In doing so, she realized her purpose in life is to bring awareness to the importance of children to learn through play. Read more about her Passion for Play here.


  • Schools are neglecting playtime to prioritize academics.
  • Children are lacking critical foundational skills needed in development.
  • Children are experiencing a negative impact from the overuse of technology.


  • Develop foundational skills first through play.
  • Guide with age appropriate instruction.
  • Provide a multi-sensory experience using toys & tools.
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