Let Kids Be Kids

August 07, 2017

Let Kids Be Kids. Seems like a simple concept. However, preschools are turning into bootcamps with teachers acting as drill sergeants getting them ready for Kindergarten. I have shared my passionate thoughts on this subject in a previous blog post called Just Say No to Preschool Pressure. Yet, this message needs to be shared again and again. You can read the post from October 2015 here.

This week I can across a video that is going viral, yet I’m not in agreement with most who share it. I have chosen not to link to the video because I do not want to promote it. I, however, feel like it is important to address it. It is related to a trend that I have witnessed in education over the last decade. This trend is to push children to excel at skills that are developmentally advanced for their age.

Amy’s Affirmation

Watch this episode of Amy’s Affirmations to learn what mistake you don’t want to repeat and how you can take a more playful approach to teaching young children. This week’s video is a little longer than recent posts, but I hope that the message to let kids be kids becomes your new affirmation. Share your thoughts below after you view it. Let me know if you feel the same.

Amy Baez, MOT, OTR/L
Amy Baez is a pediatric occupational therapist, award-winning author, and Founder of Playapy. For more information about Playapy and its PALS Handwriting Program, visit www.playapy.com or email [email protected].

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