Hiring a Tutor for a Child with ADHD

hiring a tutor

Hiring a Tutor for a Child with ADHD

Therapy is great for children with learning disabilities, but what happens when they no longer need therapy but still need academic support? Parents can’t always fulfill the educational support a child needs, so having the additional resources at your disposal that come with hiring a tutor is crucial.

While students without learning disabilities can fall behind and require the help of tutors, children with ADHD are more likely to require additional accommodations. A tutor can help your child stay on track in class, improve grades, learn skills for studying, and more. Before you hire a tutor, be sure you know what qualities to look for, where to look, and what questions to ask.

Before You Pick a Tutor

Tutors can be very helpful for students, especially for those with ADHD. However, hiring a tutor doesn’t guarantee the person will meet the needs of your child. When searching for a tutor, you want to ensure the individual understands the importance of supplementing your child’s education as opposed to supporting it.

Supplementing your child’s education means the tutor enhances your child’s overall academic performance by improving study habits and time management skills, as well as showing your child tricks for staying focused and helping them make good decisions.

Obviously, the goal is to improve grades, but how this happens is more important. Improving grades should not be the main motivator. School is more than grades; it teaches us powerful life skills for making healthy decisions in multiple facets of life.

Important Questions

Dr. Carroll recommends three questions to ask a potential tutor. First, what does a typical session look like? This shows how much the tutor prepares for a student and what is involved with the process. Second, what is the tutor’s experience? Has the tutor helped others at your child’s school? Ask to speak with teachers and parents for references. And third, how will the tutor measure your child’s success? If the tutor talks about grades, probe to find out how he or she will improve grades.

How to Find a Tutor

When looking for a tutor, there a variety of free and inexpensive options. Check with your child’s school about free after-school programs. Teachers often provide tutoring, and some classrooms have tutoring aides. You can also contact local colleges for low-cost tutoring from students.

An online community of parents may be able to offer names of tutors or group tutoring sessions. Some sites have search engines to help you locate tutors near you, and Care.com discusses the pros and cons of a tutoring center versus a private tutor.

Speak Up

The sooner you get your child help, the sooner they can improve. If you’re struggling with hiring a tutor near you at an affordable rate, be an advocate for your child. Push your child’s school to provide services, or meet with other parents and start your own group tutoring sessions. With the right tutor, your child can become a successful student who performs well in school and enjoys learning.

Janice Miller, Playapy Guest Blogger

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